The Dockmate® system can control up to 7 functions

  • Horn
  • Anchor windlass or winch – 1 or 2 anchors
  • Port engine
  • Starboard engine
  • Bow thruster
  • Stern thruster

All other functions can be enabled by adding modules to the Receiver, which has been designed on a modular architecture. These modules exist in dozens of versions to provide the support for different brands and models of controls.

The Dockmate® system has redundant fail-safe technologies built into both the hardware and software. The horn function is included in every Dockmate® Receiver.


One thing that every boater understands is that docking is made more complex by the delay between engaging the control head lever(s) and the moment the boat begins to move. With our newly-patented SoftDocking technology, a short push of the joystick or button will consistently result in a pre-programmed customisable fraction-of-a-second burst of the propeller. With SoftDocking you can easily and consistently „bump“ the engine(s), enabling you to softly dock a boat.



Offers predetermined throttle: This means that every Dockmate can have 2 levels of engine/motor control: idle forward/reverse and calibrated throttle forward/reverse. With Throttle+, extra throttle can be used at any moment, immediately, just by the push of a button or joystick.


All boats with electronic engine controls can be equipped with the Dockmate® system, regardless of the length or the type of the boat. Our remotes are completely waterproof and float. They are only the size of a smartphone and have a very simple, clear layout.

In our most simple configuration, the remote sends a coded digital signal to the Receiver which operates the engine(s) and the horn. The system can be extended modularly to also control the bow thruster, stern thruster and 1 or 2 windlasses.

Operation is easy, accurate, safe, and reliable, and can be done from any location aboard the boat. If the remote somehow slips out of your hands, then all systems immediately drop to neutral. The remote automatically turns off after 30 minutes of non-use.



Recommended mounting spot:

Behind the dashboard, so it’s close to the controls it needs
to be connected to.

FCC certified
CE certified



Lasts up to at least 15 docking manoeuvres of approximately 10 minutes*

FCC certified

CE certified



Lasts up to at least 15 docking manoeuvres of approximately 10 minutes*

FCC certified

CE certified


Dockmate® uses its proprietary DockLink™ communication protocol. DockLink™ is an infinitely superior, state of the art 2-way FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) communication with handshake, and GFSK (FM) modulation on the 868MHz or 433 MHz frequency band (depending on your region) that provides superior range.

Dockmate® operates in either the 868 MHz or the 433 MHz FM frequency band, depending on local regulations. Dockmate® has 64 communication channels at its disposal in the 868 MHz band, and 72 communication channels in the 433 MHz band. FHSS means every Dockmate® uses a unique set of 6 channels in the entire band of 64 or 72 channels, and then hops from one frequency to another. This FHSS rolling code changes 6x per second over 6 different channels, virtually eliminating any possible chance of interference. The Dockmate® signal reaches up to 50 meters (165 feet).